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“Slinki” was formed in 2017 and started performing around Vancouver that same year. They are Bryony Ollier on vocals, Tamami Maitland on piano and Ian Wijesinghe on fretless bass guitar. Byrony is a graduate of the Theatre Arts program from Goldsmiths College, London and has performed in numerous bands and dance groups over the last decade. Tamami started playing piano at a young age which eventually led to studying Jazz and Composition at Berklee College of Music and Capilano University. Ian took up playing guitar as a teenager but switched to bass later in life.

Slinki Trio descriptionS

Short Version

Slinki is a jazz trio performing a mix of jazz standards, pop-jazz crossovers and original composition.

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Slinki is a jazz trio consisting of Bryony Ollier on vocals, Tamami Maitland on keyboard and Ian Wijesinghe on fretless bass guitar. They perform a mix of jazz standards, pop-jazz crossovers and original tunes. Slinki began playing simply for the joy of practising and improvising over jazz standards but Tamami soon began sharing a body of jazz inspired original compositions written over several years while she completed her diploma is jazz studies at Capilano University. Many of these tunes are related to nature and the seasons, influenced by her Japanese cultural background and poetry. All the members of the band have a strong connection with Japan, Tamami her motherland, Ian with his travels and studies, Bryony who lived there for 12 years. They also enjoy performing grooving pop tunes and sprinkling them with a dash of jazziness to make them something new again. They have been performing regularly around Vancouver since 2018.



Recent SHOWS

Slinki has been performing every Friday at the Bay Moorings Restaurant and Bar in Horseshoe Bay since July 4/2018.

Slinki was featured on the The Medicine Show on Jan 2/2019. The show is broadcast regularly on CiTR 101.9 FM.

On March 10th, Slinki performed at the Nikkei Place Foundation Skura Gala with the B.C. Premier in attendance.

On June 6th, Slinki performed at the Working Gear Charity Fundraiser at the Vancouver Club.

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